1. When and where does COPAHUE EXTREMO Termas del Neuquén race take place?
- Near Copahue, Province of Neuquén, Argentina.
See map

2. How and where can I register?
On our website, completing the online Registration Form.

3. How much is the Registration Fee and what does it include?

Registration Fee includes:
- the right to take part in the event
- timing control
- runner’s technical T-shirt
- finisher medal
- refreshment stands (liquid supplies) during the race and at the Finishing Line
- sports insurance
- FREE photographs of the race
- a trophy for the top 3 finishers in the general ranking, as well as for the top 3 finishers in each age/gender category
- free entrance to post-race party and awards ceremony. Snacks and drinks included.
- we will be adding more information on our website and social networks: Facebook and Twitter!

5. What are the overall race distances? How long is the snowshoe running stretch (in Km)?
There are two distances in COPAHUE EXTREMO Termas del Neuquén: 10-k (approx. 2-k trail running and 10-k snowshoe running) and 20-k (approx. 5-k trail running and 15-k snowshoe running)
In some parts of the race the use of snowshoes is MANDATORY. Then each participant will decide whether to continue wearing them or not, according to the ground conditions.
EACH PARTICIPANT MUST CARRY THEIR SNOWSHOES DURING THE WHOLE RACE in the way they consider most convenient: holding them in their hands, in a backpack, etc.

6.Are the snowshoes provided by the Organization?
They can be purchased or rented at ski/mountaineering rental stores. The cost of that is approximately $1000 - $ 1500 (Argentinean Peso) per day.
You can rent them in Caviahue at:
Marushstar: +54 9 2942 442772
eneQene: +54 9 2942 466969
For more information:

7. Is it hard to run on snowshoes?
No. Running or walking on snowshoes is just like walking or running without them. You need to make some small changes in your running or walking technique: a slightly wider stance, and lifting your knees higher.

8. What are the Age Categories?

Distances: 10-k and 20-k

16 to 29 years of age 16 to 29 years of age
30 to 39 years of age 30 to 39 years of age
40 to 49 years of age 40 to 49 years of age
50 to 59 years of age 50 to 59 years of age
60 and more 60 and more

9. Where can I find suitable accommodation?
Hotels in Copahue remain closed from May to November due to the huge seasonal snow accumulation. For this reason, Caviahue is the most suitable place for accommodation. There you can find hotels, inns, hostels and guesthouses.

10. Is there any prize money?
NOT CURRENTLY. In the case of any change, this will be announced by the Organization.

11. Where and when can I register? Where and when will the check in take place?
To be announced.


12. Is there any required equipment?

  • - Official T-shirt. Race bib must remain visible throughout the whole race.
  • - sunglasses / goggles
  • - thermal shirt / first skin
  • - gloves
  • - waterproof / windbreaker jacket
  • - survival blanket (also known as space blanket)
  • - waterproof/windbreaker pants
  • - snowshoes (these are NOT provided by the Organization). Minimum measurements: 50cm (19.685 inches) long and 20 cm (7.87 inches wide)

Not compulsory but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED equipment

  • Backpack to carry the snowshoes throughout the WHOLE race course
  • Waterproof running shoes.
  • Trail running gaiters
  • One extra pair of socks.
  • Warm clothes (to be used pre- and post race)
  • Trekking poles, which provide safety in harsh ground conditions (in the case of snow/rain)
  • Sunscreen/sunblock

* The Organization will announce if weather conditions force them to make any changes as to the mandatory/recommended equipment